New Color Bomb

by FAST-fast

Rise and fall again Rise and fall again Up and down again Round and round and round and round. Yeah! Stop! And go again. Stop and go again. Roll the dice again. Play the game again and again. Yeah! [nonsense] Rise and fall again. Rise and fall again.
Whisper to me love You will never leave Can you put up with this headcase? All the world's a blur I'm on a carousel Help me slow it down forever. When you go to bed I stay down with my head You were upstairs dreaming I was with you. I'm sorry for the pain I caused you We can work it out All I need is a little bit of time And I'll be back.
Lying, basking in the microwaves beam information straight into my brain And I have got my supplies You, I've got by my side Do you remember when we had the time? Do you remember when we went outside? Do you remember when we all held hands? Do you remember all our plans? Familiar faces scroll above my head Far away places lull me off to bed It's been like this forever.
The sun goes up, the sun goes down nothing changes in this little town The light goes red, the light goes green nothing changed in the in-between The factory horn blows once more we all work hard we all play ball on Saturdays spend the cash we save then smoke ourselves to an early grave where were you when the clocks went back we all got out our heads another hour of drinking time another hour in bed did your lucky numbers save you? did your lucky numbers save you?
Sunshine Come back to me Kiss the earth and wake up the rosemary Get out of bed see the big blue skies ahead You never know what heaven is until you've seen it. Long days, golden June You don't know how I've missed you. Be here soon Winter has been, well, I don't know where to begin You never know how low you go until you've been there.


Recorded over 6 months, this record features many microtonal tunings including 19, 22, 24 and Bohlen Pierce scales.


released May 20, 2020

All songs (c) 2020 James Mulvale.
Jason Cliffen plays drums on Atomica and Rise
Stephen Weigel plays guitar on Rise and Plans


all rights reserved



FAST-fast Kingston, Ontario

Born in Redditch, UK and currently living in Kingston with his wife and kids, James composes for Games, TV and film in a broad range of styles.

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